APS 2023 at Denver, Colorado

Post-doctoral research associate Dr. Navjot Kaur presenting her poster at APS 2023 titled “Natural seed infestation of Alternaria brassicicola in broccoli.”

Hirut Betaw from Cornell University presents her Alternaria leaf blight and head rot presentation at the 2023 APS conference

New York’s 2023 Broccoli planting season has begun

Dr. Chris Smart and team members from Cornell University planted their broccoli seeds in the greenhouse for the new 2023 season. They are getting ready to their broccoli trials

Dr. Smart’s broccoli plants are ready to transplant within the field for the 2023 season.

~ Chris Smart, Hirut Betaw, Charles Thomas Colin Day and team. 2023. Cornell University, New York

Alternaria brassicicola infection within plants and seeds

Identification of Alternaria leaf spot resistant components in Broccoli.

Dr. Sunil Gangurde

Seed-to-Seedling Transmission of Alternaria brassiciola in broccoli. To the image on the left we have our control experiment where our post doc Dr. Kaur inoculated the seedlings with sterile water. After one to two weeks you can see that there are no diseases or contamination present with sterile water inoculation. For the image on the right Dr. Kaur inoculated the seedlings with an inoculum created from alternaria brassicicola spores. One to two weeks later you can see how aggressive the fungal disease is towards the seedlings. Almost one hundred percent of the seedlings are affected by the disease. This experiment shows how easily susceptible the broccoli seedlings can be if it is present within the field or greenhouse.

Dr. Navjot Kaur


Dutta, B. Update on the national Alternaria project in broccoli. Great Lakes vegetable producers network weekly roundtable, Sep 1, 2021. (Webinar; invited)

UGA awarded $2.7 million grant to fight fungus in broccoli

Alternaria Leaf Blight and Head Rot in Brassica: A mystery or an old nemesis with new arsenal?